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INVIS Mx Flexible Shaft for Mx2 Minimag

Flexible shaft for the Mx2 Minimag- allows you to get in tight corners while using your drill to attach or detach the INVIS Fasteners. more info
Invis MX2 Insertion Tool
Sold Out

Invis MX2 Insertion Tool

New Invis MX2 insertion tool. more info

INVIS Mx2 Insertion Tool for studs 14mm

INVIS Mx2 insertion tool for the 14mm studs. more info

Invis Bushing- 12mm

Invis bushing for angle drilling gauge- 12mm. more info

Invis Spiral Drill- 5mm

Invis spiral drill for wood- 5mm. more info
Invis Dowel Markers- 8mm Green
Sold Out

Invis Dowel Markers- 8mm Green

Invis dowel marker pins- 8mm. Set of 3 green pins. more info

Invis MX Sample Demo Set

New Invis MX demo set. White laminate with 12mm MX joiners. more info


INVIS Mx2 Starter Kit

INVIS Mx2 Starter Kit

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